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Dear Evia,


What an honor to have met you! You are a gifted scholar and historian, and a fun teacher! Thank you for so beautifully explaining Biblical theology, and answering fundamental questions that I've had since I was a child in Sunday school. I am truly energized! Paul and I got guide books before we came over here that have a good amount of the historical information you described. So now I can use my book as reference for all the dates, periods of history, kings, etc. that you were teaching us about. And I can also go back to my Pastors and discuss all this with them.    

We were discussing The Holy Grail and related subjects over dinner with David and his wife too. The whole thing is fascinating. The history of Mohammed was great as well! You make things very clear and fun. Thank You! I love hearing about all of it!   

The Western Wall was very special for me. Touching it, and experiencing all the women weeping and praying was very deep. I backed away from the Wall too, I did not turn my back on it.   

I hope to further study with you when I return to Israel, which I fully intend to do. My wish is that this is the first of many trips. I am a slow student and it's challenging to connect certain dots until I write things down, and read them over and over again. But history and theology are subjects I always wanted to study. But music took over and became my job, and there are only so many hours in a day.  

Finally, thank you for explaining the sacrifice of Jesus, and showing us the painting of His blood dripping on the skull of Adam. The first man and the second man....... YES!!!!   

I'll gladly recommend you to anyone who wants a real guide!


God Bless You, my friend, and thank you again for taking care of us.



Catherine Russell



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